Platinum Arts Sandbox Resources and Tutorials

Custom Models and Animated Models

There are two different types of models. Static and Animated.
The differences are obvious, but i'll list them anyway:
1. Static models - Used mainly for decoration, and don't move. Examples are lampshades, ammo, beds etc.
2. Animated models - Used for things that you want to move. Examples are other characters, levers, doors.

Tutorial 1: Static Mapmodel

These are the steps we are going to follow:

 1. Downloading tools for the job

 2. Making 3d mesh

 3. Skinning the mesh

 4. Making the .cfg file

 5. Importing into game 


Lets begin


1. The Tools for the Job

First of all you gotta decide,  and this key part of making the model: how determined are you? Unless your doing something simple, like a box or a circle, making a model is a hard task, unless you have experience at it. If it is your first time, you may end up making something horrendous looking for your first 20 attempts before making something good. 

If this is too daunting, try looking for a free model to animate online, then move on to the second tutorial.

I havn't scared you off? Ok then here we go:


Your next decision is also key - do you want to pay some money to get programs that make the process easier and better, or are you happy with probably slightly poorer quality open source software? 

My guess is Open Source :) So without further ado here are the programs you will need

1. Blender:

2. Wings 3d:

Also your going to need:

Npherno's compiler:  


(If your going for commercial products, I would recommend you look into zbrush and 3ds max)

From here, you must learn to make your own 3d meshes. Just mess about in wings3d, and see what you can do. There many tutorials for wings on youtube and on google; go hunting! (I'll put a list up eventually of all the good ones I can find)

At this point I have assumed you have made your model. For the purposes of this tutorial I'm going to use a box. (right click cube) Now you need to make a uv map. Save your object as a wings3d file before we begin.


UV Mapping 

Ok to begin you should see four cubes just above your image, the last one being totally red.  

right click when its all red and go to uv mapping a new window appears. 

choose the line selection tool and start mapping out the cuts

right click when your done and select mark edges for cut.

right click again and select continue and then unfolding

move everything around so that its orderly and delecte everything (to move scale or rotate, right click)

right click and create texture

now go back to the main model, and make sure it is all selected.

go to file - export - IMPORTANT!!! DONT click on wavefront, but instead click on the box to the right of wavefront

choose triangulation