Platinum Arts Sandbox Resources and Tutorials

Platinum Arts Sandbox Map Basics Tutorial

Welcome to the Map Editing Basics tutorial. Here's what we'll be learning.

1. Moving around in sandbox 

2. Opening a new map

3. Entering and moving in edit mode and in "play" mode

2. Basic Sandbox Skills

Ok This tutorial assumes you have installed PA Sandbox correctly (If you havnt - see 1. Installing Sandbox, taken from the wiki, until I write my own version). To begin open Sandbox via the CLICK_ME_TO_START batch file.


By default when you begin Sandbox, you are not in edit mode, i.e. you CANT make maps. However the beauty of Sandbox is that you can switch between the two modes in a second, by pressing E. This will be the most common shortcut you use throughout this tutorial, so get used to it quick.


Anyway when you start sandbox, we want to go into editmode straight away. Either click on the first button that says toggle editmode, or press E. Create a new map: NOTE: It's map size should be 10 to begin with. Dont go over even a size of 13 at the moment - its unnecessarily massive, and I mean maps can get MASSIVE. Dont bother, stick to a size 13 or less, ok? Note: when the map loads you automatically come out of edit mode, and go into "play" mode


Now a straight plane, textured with grass will appear. Here are your controls for navigation:


W: forward

A: left

S: back

D: right

Space: jump

Mouse: look 


Have a look around, and get used to these controls. You can also use the arrow keys instead of w,a,s and d however I would recomment you don't.  

Now enter edit-mode by pressing e 

The controls are the same: however you will find that you can fly. Looking up and going forward will take you directly upwards, as will looking down and moving backwards. The best way is just to try it out.

TIP: Sometimes you can go underneath your map, and your map will disappear. Try to keep your map in sight at all times, or have a good idea where you are spacially in relation to it. Dont go flying as high or as low as you can for fun either, its not a good idea :)


OK thats the basics. On to the editing tutorial!