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The RPG sequence



1.       Begins in src engine main.cpp.  This includes engine.h, which in turn includes cube.h

2.       data/lang/menus.cfg.

3.       data/lang/lang.cfg. 

4.       gametype.cfg is somehow executed…this defines the gametype…game_rpg.cfg

5.       exec init.cfg found in mystuff folder

6.       data… sdtlib.cfg

7.       font.cfg

8.       data/keymap.cfg

9.       data/stdedit.cfg

10.   data/menus.cfg

11.   data/sounds.cfg

12.   data/brush.cfg

13.   mybrushes.cfg

14.   #ifdef NEWGUI

15.   execfile("data/newui.cfg");

16.   #else

17.   execfile("data/lang/menus.cfg");

18.   Something about saved servers

19.   Something about defaults.cfg

20.   Something about autoexec only if confname is false…

21.   Gameconfig name false = loadback.cfg

22.   Once.cfg (only once)

23.   Initscript 



Includes cube.h


When you open RPG_Mode.bat


game_rpg.cfg is opened this defines the spells

this in turn opens music.cfg

which executes the music.



data/lang/menus.cfg is executed. Which defines the menu that is opened at the start, along with the effects of the other menus.

data/lang/en/menus.cfg is the same...

These two are really key, as they are applicable to every mode


config.rpg executes defaults.cfg which has to do with keybinds



on every map load, default map settings.cfg is opened then the .cfg of the map


default map settings defines what water looks like, and all the physical things associated with them map, by executing various .cfg files found in packages


default map models just gives a list of all the models used in the list of mpa models (I assume by executing their .cfg files)


font.cfg determines the pixels on the png image data/chars.png that correspond to each letter/number/symbol

keymap defines the keys that can be binded

menus.cfg - im not sure... defines when to show certain menus...

newui.cfg - defines what happens with newgui 

scriptlib.cfg - havnt a clue...

sounds.cfg - what you'd expect... 

stdedit.cfg - defines what editing commands do

stdlib.cfg - defines the effect of some commands

stdshader.cfg - does things with shaders that I don't know about.